Long-term Car Rental and Medium-term Car Rental

S A Travels provides long-term car rental service for companies, which includes:

  • financing the purchase of a car
  • full insurance package available in Poland (AC/OC/NNW/KR)
  • all-inclusive technical service
  • substitute car in case of a mechanical failure/accident
  • accident service (repair and cost management)
  • assistance in case of a mechanical failure/accident
  • seasonal tyre change
  • car handling after the expiry of the contract
  • risk management of the value loss

Long-term car rental service is more cost-effective than leasing or purchasing a company car.

Main advantages of the long-term car rental service include:


  • Reduced cost of car purchase due to the purchase power of the company (corporate discounts);
  • Cost management (regular rental price), easy budget planning, less unexpected expenses connected with provisional costs (e.g. purchase of annual insurance, tyres, technical service due to high mileage etc.);
  • neutral status in terms of credit rating (unlike a lease or a loan, this is an off-balance service );
  • cost reduction due to a unique know-how in terms of negotiating a lease/loan contract (e.g. smaller mark-up and additional fees);
  • Optimal repair costs (other technical service providers are known to charge for unnecessary repairs or limit their offer to high mark-up products, such as oils, fluids or filters, as well as services, such as additional maintenance or check-ups;
  • Cash-flow neutrality – no capital overpays or preliminary fees;
  • Comprehensive service offer, covering all areas of fleet management with only one invoice, which significantly reduces accounting costs (e.g. bookkeeping and payments);
  • Unlimited access to substitute cars;
  • Smaller risk of maintaining unsold cars in case of the need to buy new fleet;
  • It is a profitable alternative to maintaining in-company resources for purposes of logistic service (a substantial development of the transport department without the need to plan technical support network in the operational area or monitor availability of attractive car offers, etc.);
  • Comprehensive management of the time-consuming repair procedure, such as contacting insurance companies or managing payments.

The corporate offer of the Abacus Limited Liability Company also includes a so-called medium-term car rental service, which is addressed to companies requiring irregular car services.

The minimum rental term is 1 month; however the majority of contracts are signed for the term of 3 to 6 months. The advantage of such rental service is a short-term financial engagement (compared to a lease or a long-term rental), which ensures better cost management in case of economic fluctuations. Moreover, there is no need to secure capital for car purchases.

Another important benefit is a simplified formal procedure both in terms of application and carrying out the terms of the contract. The medium-term car rental service guarantees better prices than short-term rentals (such as Rent a Car), as well as a possibility to limit the costs to the level of long-term rental in the case of contracts for at least 6 months.